Don’t Stop

I sent this music video to my husband a week or two ago. I received the Jon Batiste CD for Christmas from my guy. I love Jon’s rambling way of interpreting music and find it meditative, yet energetic. He is a sexy man and has many hidden depths, it would seem.

My ongoing search for wisdom continues with great encouragement from day to day. People around me appreciate many of my words and actions and are sharing that information with me, reinforcing my idea that kindness extended is never wasted.

The people who matter to me the most haven’t stopped loving me, and I hope they don’t stop ever, because I know I won’t stop loving them, no matter what they may do or say or suffer with their own personal demons.

The other day, these words came into my mind:

We are the cause of our own misery.

Then: And within each of us lies the solution.

Until we meet again, I send blessings,


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