Fishing Lake North Shore 001

Two luxurious nights were savoured when two old friends rented a cabin at this huge and talkative lake last weekend. Were the two women old, or was their friendship a long one? They both look pretty good, ‘though obviously not spring chickens, and their friendship spans close to four decades. Yes, forty years. Despite being a math tutor, it was hard for me to believe those numbers.

Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan, is big enough to have that ocean feel, when the waves smash the rocky shore with large slurpy sounds. The breeze which crosses the vast expanse of water can be vigorous but, like that of an ocean, it whispers or calls out mysteriously expressive echoes from other places across the waves. Sentence fragment: Bringing on a kind of revery.

The sun’s reflections off the waves were like sparkler-style birthday candles. You could say my friend and I had a serene and sparkly weekend and both appreciated in our own way the serenity offered by a beautiful body of fresh water populated by large splashing fish and some human visitors enjoying paddling, fishing, or skimming lazily across the silky surface.

Fishing Lake North Shore 009

Wishing serenity and peace to all,


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